Welcome to Wasp (Cumbria) Limited

WASP (CUMBRIA) LIMITED is a new company set up initially to develop an innovative Sustainable Renewable Energy idea for which a Patent has been applied for. In addition we will be looking at other Environmental projects such as ‘Oil Spill Recovery’ and where Value Engineering could have a positive effect on new and existing systems.

In researching our own Sustainable Renewable Energy idea it was interesting to look back at existing Patents. In fact some of the Patents dating back to the early 1900’s show a remarkable desire, on behalf of the Inventors, to come up with novel systems to generate power. Although these early Renewable Energy ideas were perhaps not intended to combat Climate Change in the way that we look at the problem today they nevertheless reveal ideas that are relevant today and indeed feature in part in many of the current systems and proposals.

As our own project develops we will add details to the news page and would welcome observations from our visitors.

Discovery consists in seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
Albert Szent-Gy’o’rgyi

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